In October, Apple ushered in a new era with the M3 processor series, featuring a cutting-edge 3-nanometer architecture and substantial advancements over its predecessors. The M3, with its 16-core neural engine, stands out as an impressive powerhouse:

  • A staggering 50% more powerful than the trailblazing M1.
  • A remarkable 60% improvement in machine learning tasks.

Its enhanced media engine seamlessly supports streaming platforms like Apple TV+, YouTube, and Netflix, promising an immersive multimedia experience.

Now, let’s delve into the intricacies of the three configurations: M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, each meticulously tailored to diverse user requirements.

M3 – A Versatile Foundation for All

The M3 sets the stage as a robust foundation for various tasks:

  • Offers up to 24 GB of unified memory.
  • Equipped with 25 billion transistors.
  • Features an 8-core CPU.

Impressively, it matches the performance of the M1 while consuming only a quarter of the power. Suited for office work, graphic design, and gaming, the M3 provides an exceptional user experience, ensuring seamless multitasking and efficient workflow.

M3 Pro – The Golden Middle in the Lineup

For those craving more power, the M3 Pro emerges as a durable workhorse with expanded capabilities:

  • Boasts up to 36 GB of unified memory.
  • Equipped with 37 billion transistors.
  • Features a 12-core processor.

Outpacing the M1 Pro by an impressive 30%, the 18-core graphics processor ensures top-notch graphic performance, making it a perfect companion for demanding visual tasks and high-end gaming experiences.

M3 Max – Unleashing Maximum Performance

True to its name, the M3 Max is engineered for maximum performance:

  • Offers up to 128 GB of unified memory.
  • Equipped with 92 billion transistors.
  • Features a 16-core CPU (80% faster than M1 Max).
  • Boasts a 40-core graphics processor.

This top-tier configuration caters specifically to professionals engaged in resource-intensive tasks like video production, programming, and intricate 3D design.

For the MacBook Pro 14, all three chips are available, providing users with a spectrum of options to suit their needs. Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro 16 offers a choice between M3 Pro and M3 Max configurations, with the exclusive Space Black color reserved for these top-tier models.

Pricing in Georgia

In terms of pricing, iSpace has initiated sales, with the MacBook Pro M3 starting from GEL 5 569. The purchasing process is made convenient through the website or iSpace stores, which not only offer these cutting-edge devices but also provide installment plans and a Trade-in program, enhancing accessibility for users.


These remarkable advancements in Apple’s M3 series promise longevity and efficiency, catering to a wide spectrum of user needs. Whether you’re an office professional, graphic designer, or a seasoned professional requiring maximum performance, the MacBook Pro M3 series offers a meticulously tailored configuration for you. Consider the specifications, assess your tasks, and make an informed choice for a powerful, immersive, and future-proof computing experience.

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