This brand is compared to Apple, but in the world of sound (“Apple of sound”). Meet Devialet: A French company that manufactures luxury acoustic systems. Despite their compactness, they impress with sound quality and captivate even the most discerning audiophiles from the first notes. A unique sound, elevated to the rank of art — and now it’s available to us.

Devialet: Revolution in Acoustics

Devialet products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. Their speakers belong to the Hi-End segment — a prestigious item, a marker of success, alongside premium cars or Picasso paintings.

Under this brand, the following are produced:

  • Wireless speakers Phantom (Premier and Reactor series);
  • Amplifiers (Expert and Expert PRO series);
  • Wireless earbud headphones Gemini;
  • Sound systems for home theaters Dione.

Among the admirers of the Devialet brand are Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Android co-founder Andy Rubin, Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell, who created the iPod. Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Jay-Z adore this brand. Agree, that means something.

And it all started when in 2004, French engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel developed a unique analog-hybrid technology ADH. Based on it, he created a prototype of the first amplifier. And in 2007, he founded the company Devialet. His companions were sound enthusiasts, financier Quentin Sanni, and designer Emmanuel Nardin. Quentin, originally serving as CEO, admits that he cried all night listening to Queen’s concert on a Devialet amplifier.

Already in 2010, the company presented its first offspring — the D-Premier amplifier. Later came the updated version — Devialet 240, and two budget models Devialet 110 and Devialet 170. Since 2014, the company has been producing Phantom speakers.

And they are still unmatched in both sound quality and design: futuristic forms with hints of French eccentricity. One such speaker replaces an entire rack of equipment: an “all-in-one” format. Phantom audio systems are constantly modernized. They support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, UPnP, Roon for wireless streaming, and device integration into a unified ecosystem.

Devialet devices integrate into smart homes, synchronize with each other. They are controlled via touch elements, a remote, or a smartphone. Devialet’s proprietary app is used to support devices, allowing sound adjustment from a phone or tablet, using voice commands, etc.

Sounds like space, plays like champagne

The brand is interesting due to its stunning collaborations:

  • With the British media company Sky — creating the Sky Soundbox soundbar for TVs;
  • With the Paris Opera — building a “room of sound discoveries” in the Garnier Palace;
  • With Renault — creating an automotive audio system for the Renault SYMBIOZ concept car;
  • With the brand Free — releasing a TV set-top box with Devialet speakers;
  • With Huawei — the Sound X speaker;
  • With the American company Belkin — the Soundform Elite charging device for speakers and phones.

“A room of sound discoveries” in the Garnier Palace

In 2021, at Expo 2021 in Dubai, together with the aerospace agency ArianeGroup, the speaker manufacturer organized a performance. They equipped a room with a 360-degree view and roaring sound — a complete simulation of watching a rocket launch.

Their collaboration with the famous champagne house The House of Krug was even cooler: gourmets and music lovers were presented with a box of collectible sparkling wines and an exclusive vinyl recording of Ella Fitzgerald. There were even recommendations on which wine pairs best with each track. Devialet and Krug also hosted an atmospheric wine tasting with 3D music by composer Ozark Henry.

Together with the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, Devialet released a trunk for DJ equipment called the DJ Trunk. It replicates the design of composer Leopold Stokowski’s suitcase-table.

The goal of Devialet is to cultivate people’s taste for excellent sound. And they are successfully achieving it, with over 200 patents in the field of acoustics.

Phantom I 108 Db — Elite Sound in Your Home

The Devialet Phantom I 108 Db home audio system is designed for maximum sound pressure of 108 dB.

The total amplification power reaches 1100 watts, which seems impossible for such a compact enclosure (252×255×342 mm weighing 11.4 kg). But Devialet made it happen. The patented ADH amplification, combining digital and analog stages, delivers rich, clean, ultra-dense sound with amazingly deep bass. Its power is felt in every cell of the body even at low volume.

A titanium tweeter and aluminum low- and mid-range drivers provide a wide sound range — from 14 Hz to 27 kHz, achieving maximum clarity and accuracy for every note. For comparison, competitors of this size have a narrower range — 45 Hz to 20 kHz.

The speakers fit into any environment and easily integrate into a “smart home” system: they create stereo pairs and multi-room systems. You can choose one of four exquisite color options to match your interior: fully black, white with gold, dark gold (Gold Leaf), or red elements (Dragon Red).

Phantom II 95 Db: Compactness Doesn’t Compromise Quality

Another masterpiece — the premium-class home speaker Devialet Phantom II 95 Db. Its main features are ultra-compact dimensions (57x168x219 mm) and a small weight — only 4.3 kg. It fits anywhere, and you can easily take it with you on vacation.

Compact dimensions don’t prevent it from creating fantastic sound that immerses you completely. The enclosure houses a pair of aluminum low-frequency drivers and one full-range driver. Two side woofers create an ultra-dense sound stream that resonates in the body. The same unsurpassed clarity, density, and crystal-clear sound are achieved in the range of 18 Hz to 21 kHz.

The Phantom makes you feel all the nuances of emotions embedded in the music. It reproduces the deepest low frequencies you’ve ever heard, thanks to the BI® Heart Bass Implosion system.

What could be better? Perhaps two of these speakers. They will add an extra dimension to the sound and make the music lover’s heart beat even faster.

Devialet Gemini II — Music Always with You

Listening to your favorite compositions in stunning quality anywhere is real with Devialet Gemini II. And they have everything for it: adaptive noise cancellation, wind protection, wide connectivity options, user adaptation, ultra-compact ergonomic design.

In terms of design, the headphones echo the “phantoms.” And they can adjust the frequency range to the user’s hearing. You won’t believe it, but the system takes measurements of the signal 10 thousand times per second for this! There’s also a pressure relief system to prevent discomfort from low frequencies.

Autonomy is top-notch: 22 hours with periodic recharging in the case. Without it, one charge lasts for 6–8 hours depending on the intensity of noise cancellation. The case can be charged via a Qi mat. The possibility of battery and other parts replacement warms the heart, as they are sold separately.

With a button on the back panel, you can personalize the equalizer and customize the gadget however you like. You can choose a gesture that activates noise cancellation, stops or starts music playback, summons a voice assistant, and so on. Gemini II can be connected simultaneously to two devices within a 20-meter radius, and the gadget will switch between them as needed.

We can list the advantages of Devialet’s stunning audio equipment for a long time, but it’s better to hear it once than read about it ten times. So come to the iSpace store — we’ll play your favorite track on the Phantom or Gemini, and you’ll understand and feel everything immediately.

Product Cards

Portable Speaker DEVIALET Phantom I 103db Light Chrome

Home Audio System DEVIALET Phantom I 108db Gold

Home Audio System DEVIALET Phantom II 95db Iconic White

DEVIALET Tree White Matte

Wireless Earphones DEVIALET Gemini II, Matte Black


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