Maslow’s pyramid visually represents the basic needs of a person – from basic to more sublime. If we take it as the basis of employee values, it becomes clear that professional development and the use of quality tools in work are no less important than money. This explains why more and more companies offer employees bonuses – a remote schedule, a social package, a corporate loyalty program, and now also the ability to choose devices for work.

What is an employee selection program?

The employee Selection Program is a new level of corporate culture that all successful companies strive for. As part of this program, they get the opportunity to choose the best technologies for themselves.

For example, experts from the independent research company Vanson Bourne in collaboration with software developer Jamf and Apple Corporation found that 3 out of 4 employees would prefer to work on a Mac. And this is not surprising. Apple technology opens up great prospects and makes it possible to unleash its potential. MacOS is a very friendly operating system. It has a convenient and intuitive interface. Therefore, even for a beginner, the adaptation period will pass as quickly and painlessly as possible.

For an employer, giving employees choices, including technology, is the easiest way to show how much they value their team. In addition, this approach forms an attractive positioning for the company and demonstrates its scale.

Interesting. A few years ago, at the peak of the pandemic, there was a wave of voluntary layoffs, dubbed the “Great Retirement.” This phenomenon was provoked by the low level of staff satisfaction and lack of motivation at work. By the way, according to the CNBS Catalyst study, the trend will continue until companies begin to take care of their employees, and take into account their problems and wishes both in work and in life.

Forbes journalists also agree with the forecast. Employees who feel recognition and support from the employer are almost 5 times more effective. Healthy, motivated, and satisfied with their work, they show higher results, good spirits, and resilience to stress.

It turns out that the involvement and well-being of the team are an integral part of modern business strategy. It will lead to the success of your business.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Employee Selection Program

  • Attract new talent

In a situation where your potential candidate has several equivalent offers at once, you need to highlight your own. Allowing an employee to choose a work device will impress them and demonstrate that you care about your staff.

A survey by audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC ) found that about 78% of millennials believe that having access to technologies they enjoy at work makes them more efficient.

  • Retain current staff

From a financial point of view, keeping experienced players on the team is more profitable than hiring and training new ones. The situation becomes more complicated if the company’s budget is limited. But you can convince employees to leave the company. Give them more freedom to make decisions, and choose the best technologies and opportunities for personal growth.

IBM company confirmed that employees who were allowed to use a Mac had 3 times higher levels of affection and loyalty than Windows users. As a result, they are less likely than others to quit – by 17%.

  • Increase Team Motivation and Efficiency

Getting what the employee considers best for himself, he undoubtedly feels like an important link in the team. This inspires and motivates us to work even harder to conquer new heights and thus justifies the trust of the management. This chain of actions systematically leads to an increase in the efficiency and productivity of labor – both for a particular employee or team and for the entire business.

  • Share Responsibility for Support

Apple devices are phenomenally secure and easy to use. Even a beginner will understand the functionality, and the Mac itself is ready to work literally out of the box. Therefore, by choosing the favor of Mac, the employee automatically removes from IT support part of the duties associated with the daily maintenance of the device. The adaptation period will pass easily and quickly.

IBM analysts found that macOS users are 5 times less likely to need technical support than their Windows counterparts. This instills independence in them, and the company deprives the company of the need to maintain a large staff of IT specialists.

  • Reduce company costs

In 2016, IBM rocked the business community with a new study. The company’s experience has shown that using a Mac instead of a PC has reduced costs by about $500. Recent JAMF calculations have upped the ante even further: Businesses are now saving about $843 over three years of a single MacBook.

This became possible due to many factors. For example, a Mac rarely breaks down, and the software is already installed and does not require paid updates – this reduces business costs for IT – Support. Devices are made of high-quality and durable materials, so their service life reaches 7 years and even more – with careful handling and moderate load. And reselling a 3-year-old Mac will fetch about $610 for it, while a PC will be much cheaper at about $137.

the BuyBack and Trade-in services will reduce the cost of depreciation, storage, and disposal of obsolete devices. In the case of BuyBack, the company also receives a guaranteed purchase of equipment on predetermined terms.

Corporate loyalty program for ASBC partners

The employee Selection Program ( Employee Choice Program ) is a fundamentally new approach to the formation of the corporate culture. You will be able to attract and, more importantly, retain top-notch talent by solving the problem of employee turnover. Also, beef up your loyalty program.

Your business can take the first step in the right direction right now. Get great deals on Apple products for your employees by joining the ASBC Corporate Loyalty Program. No additional costs for you: just contact our managers to find out all the details. Offer on MacBook Pro with M 1 Pro and M 1 Max chips is limited!

ASBC is the official reseller of Apple equipment in the CIS countries, the owner of the iSpace chain of stores, and authorized Apple service centers. As well as Trade – and BuyBack -provider, which has had an impeccable reputation in the market since 1996.

We know for sure that what is good for employees is ultimately good and beneficial for the business as a whole. Showing care and attention to their interests, you build a successful business development strategy and form the image of the company. You also create a team united by common values, traditions, and motivation. She can move mountains and bring big profits.

Always be aware!

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