Investing in premium technology demands top-notch service. Official Apple resellers, adhering to Apple’s regulations, offer warranty coverage, expert support, and prompt issue resolution. In contrast, “grey market” sellers provide no guarantees beyond the sale, potentially leading to questionable repairs with non-original components.

As the exclusive Apple Premium Partner in Georgia, iSpace stands out. iSpace offers a complete range of original Apple devices, manufacturer warranties valid in Georgia, a diverse selection of Apple-compatible accessories, an authorized service center with skilled engineers, consultations, and training. Additionally, iSpace conducts free demo sessions, offering short masterclasses on various Apple products.

Here are six compelling reasons to choose iSpace for your Apple purchases:

  1. Pre-Purchase Inspection: Visit iSpace stores to explore the latest Apple devices openly displayed. Compare models like the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max, try different Apple Watch sizes, or experience the sound of AirPods/Pro/Max. Expert consultants assist in making informed choices.
  1. Nationwide Delivery: For a convenient shopping experience, explore iSpace’s online catalog. Enjoy free nationwide delivery within 5-7 days, bringing the same in-store range to your doorstep.
  1. Flexible Payments: iSpace offers interest-free installment and credit options, providing budget flexibility for tech purchases.
  1. Eco-Friendly Trade-In: Upgrade sustainably by trading in your used device for a discount on a new one, combining savings with ongoing promotions.
  1. Bonus Payments: Apple enthusiasts benefit from iSpace’s loyalty program. Install your customer card in the Wallet app on your iPhone, earning bonuses with every purchase for future use.
  1. Special Education Offer: The Apple Education Program extends special pricing on Macs to students, educators, and parents.

Experience iSpace’s World: Visit iSpace stores to immerse yourself in the global Apple brand. Knowledgeable consultants will guide you in making the best choices, creating an enjoyable shopping experience.

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