The iPhone, a coveted possession for many children and teenagers, is more than just an expensive toy. It serves as an educational tool, a guide to the vast world, and a lifeline for parents to stay connected with their children. This guide explores how to track your child’s location using the built-in features of the iPhone, without the need for third-party apps or services.

Using the iPhone Find My

  1. Go to “Settings” on your child’s iPhone (logged into their account).
  2. Scroll down and select “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Navigate to “Location Services” > “System Services” and toggle on “Share My Location.” Ensure that “Find My iPhone” is also activated.
  4. Check the settings for “Find my”: confirm the presence of a checkmark next to “While Using the App,” and enable “Precise Location.”
  5. Exit settings and open the “Find My” app. Access the “Me” tab, slide the toggle for “Share My Location” to the right (turning it green).

Adding a Child’s iPhone to the Find My

  1. On your iPhone, open the “Find My” app.
  2. Access the “People” tab at the bottom.
  3. Select your child’s contact.
  4. Click on “Request Location Sharing.”
  5. Your child will receive a request on their device, which they need to approve.

Now, you can view your child’s real-time location on the Find My’s “Devices” section. The app also allows you to set up specific zones, such as school or home, to receive notifications when your child enters or leaves these areas.

Additional Options and Applications

Beyond the built-in Find My, Apple offers a “Family Sharing” feature for sharing location among family members. This feature ensures that group members can see each other’s whereabouts through the Find My app.

Furthermore, the App Store provides various parental control applications that offer content filtering, screen time monitoring, and location tracking. Apps like “Where Are My Kids,” “Kids360,” and others empower parents to keep tabs on their children while receiving timely notifications.


Understanding how to utilize the iPhone’s built-in features for location tracking ensures parents can stay informed about their child’s whereabouts without the need for external applications. By embracing the “Find My” app and exploring additional features like “Family Sharing,” parents can strike a balance between technology and supervision.

If you find the process challenging, visit any iSpace store, where experts can assist in setting up your smartphone, activating “Parental Controls” on your child’s iPhone, demonstrating the use of the “Find My” app, and guiding you on finding people using Apple devices. Whether it’s for a family member or the littlest one, we can help you choose the right device for your needs.


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