What is the Jamf?

Jamf is a software and services company. Founded in 2002, it is now the industry leader in MDM (Mobile Device Management) for companies incorporating Apple devices into their business.

Its eponymous product lets you remotely connect, configure and secure corporate devices and the information stored on them. Imagine being able to deploy and manage entire technology parks – Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs – in a single click, without even touching them.

As of December 31, 2020, more than 47,000 organizations worldwide are enjoying the benefits of automatically configuring, personalizing and managing their Apple devices using software from Jamf.

In Armenia, sales, consulting and technical support for Jamf products are provided exclusively by ASBC.

Why the Jamf?

The company focuses specifically on working with Apple products and maintains very close ties with its developers. In 2010, Apple became a Jamf customer. Two years later, sales of Jamf’s software were launched in all the corporation’s retail shops. And in 2014, Jamf joined the Apple Mobility partnership programme. Therefore our first argument: it is safe to say that Jamf is up to date with all of Apple’s innovative projects and developments.

From this comes another benefit: the timely update of all Jamf functions for the Apple operating system. As soon as a new version of the system is released – rest assured that all relevant changes will be immediately up to date and available on all your corporate devices.

Jamf software also deserves your attention due to its scalable deployment, which requires no additional investment or time. IT staff can quickly and remotely configure all equipment, download the latest updates, and encrypt information, without having to worry about confidentiality.

Jamf has a relatively simple interface and extensive functionality to fully integrate devices into your business environment.

To whom?

Jamf’s field of application is very broad: public sector, IT sector, commerce, medicine, education. And MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions allow IT departments of organizations to manage the fleet of mobile devices that employees use for work purposes.

In fact, during the pandemic, when most employees were forced to disrupt their usual mode of work and switch to “remote”, it was Jamf’s capabilities that enabled businesses not to interrupt the process, but to set up corporate equipment quickly, securely and remotely and set up the new mode.


All of Jamf’s offers are only valid for legal entities. The choice of specific solutions depends on how big your organization is and what its needs are.

Jamf Connect, Jamf Now, Jamf Now Plus, Jamf Pro, Jamf Pro for MacOS can be purchased at iSpace.

Actual cases

Let’s cut to the chase and give you a checklist of real-world tasks in which Jamf can be very useful to you. For example,

  • No-touch deployment
  • An inventory of the entire computer fleet
  • Security control
  •  System update management
  •  Device configuration
  • Application management
  • Security control
  • Data deletion and recovery
  •  Enhanced user benefits

Jamf is the best IT infrastructure management solution, and we can help you implement it into your business.

Connect Jamf, manage your Apple devices and succeed in your business!

Always be aware!

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