Buying a new iPhone is always a good idea, and it’s even better when you can find a great deal. iSpace, an official Apple partner in Georgia with Apple Premium Reseller status, can help you save money on your next iPhone purchase through their Trade-In program.

How Trade-In Works

Trade-In is a concept often associated with cars, where you trade in your old vehicle for a discount on a new one. At iSpace, the same idea applies to tech gadgets like iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and AirPods.

Here’s the process:

  1. You bring in your old device(s).
  2. iSpace assesses their value.
  3. The assessed value is deducted from the price of your new device.
  4. Installments are available.

Five Compelling Reasons to Choose Trade-In

  1. Quick Sale: You can skip the hassle of posting ads, negotiating with potential buyers, and meeting strangers. At iSpace, you simply walk in with your old device and walk out with a new one.
  2. Risk-Free: Online classified ads can be risky, with potential cybercriminals lurking around. With Trade-In at iSpace, you can have peace of mind. It’s an official and secure transaction with a contract, and you’ll leave with a pristine iPhone, complete with a warranty, receipts, and store support.
  3. Triple Benefit: Trade-In saves you time, money, and stress. The exchange process is quick, usually taking about 30 minutes. It’s significantly cost-effective, and you won’t be left without a phone during the process.
  4. Data Protection: iPhones contain a lot of personal information. To ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, iSpace experts can help you preserve your data and completely wipe the device.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Apple is committed to protecting the environment, and Trade-In is one of those steps. It gives your old device a new life and contributes to reducing its impact on the planet.

How Devices Are Assessed

iSpace follows a transparent and fair evaluation process, considering the model and the condition of your device. Basic requirements include it being in working condition and possible to turn on.  If your device meets these criteria, a quick diagnostic using NSYS-Test is conducted to assess the functionality of internal components.

Trade-In Accepts a Wide Range of Devices

iSpace doesn’t restrict you to a specific range of devices. You can trade in an iPad and use the value towards purchasing a MacBook or iPhone. Trade-In accepts not only Apple devices but also smartphones from other brands.

Price Factors for Used iPhones

The price of a used iPhone depends on factors like the device model, the presence of the original box and accessories, and most importantly, its condition. iSpace recognizes five conditions:

  1. Perfect: Fully functional, with no chips, cracks, or scratches. Comes with original accessories.
  2. Like New: Fully functional with minor signs of use.
  3. Good: Fully functional with some minor scratches.
  4. Working: Fully functional with minor to major signs of use.
  5. Broken: Significant damage but with a functioning touchscreen.

An iSpace specialist considers these factors, conducts a quick diagnosis, and provides the device’s full value, typically within half an hour.

Why choose iSpace?

iSpace is the official Apple representative in Georgia, with the prestigious Apple Premium Reseller status. We offer a unique atmosphere, all the latest Apple products, consultations, repair services, data transfer, and a wide selection of accessories. We also provide Trade-In options, various payment methods, and nationwide delivery.

In conclusion, iSpace’s Trade-In service is a smart way to upgrade your device with minimal effort, offering a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution. 

Visit our stores and take advantage of the Trade-in offer only until June 30. 

Exchange your old iPhone for any model of the latest iPhone 15 series and get up to 270₾ additional benefits.

iSpace | City Mall- Tbilisi, Petre Kavtaradze St. 1

iSpace | Tsintsadze – Tbilisi, Sulkhan Tsintsadze 12.

iSpace | Galleria Tbilisi- Tbilisi, Shota Rustaveli Ave. 2/4

iSpace | Tbilisi Mall – Tbilisi, 16th km, Agmashenebeli avenue

iSpace | East Point – Tbilisi, Aleksandre Llochrelidze st. 2

iSpace | Metrocity Mall- Batumi, Lekhi and Maria Kaczynski #1 s

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