Apple smartphones are among the most reliable in the world. But sometimes even they need repairs. The reasons could be many but most of the time we break the gadgets by ourselves. Anyway, we want to talk about the most common damages that your iPhone might suffer from and what to do in these scenarios.

These are the most often iPhone damages:

  • Touch ID button or face ID sensor;
  • Display;
  • Microphone;
  • Water-damaged components;
  • Charging and headphones connector;
  • Battery;
  • Speakers;
  • Camera.

Some parts can fail as a result of normal wear and tear – for example, a battery. Others – after impact or water ingress. After all, everyone understands that if the display or camera broke after you dropped the iPhone, you most likely have to contact the service centers. But few people consider that after dropping the phone it might look intact but could be very badly damaged from the inside.

For example, after being hit, the iPhone may start to slow down, catch the network poorly, or run out of battery quickly. As a result of a fall, the antenna may fail, so NFC stops working. Although externally the display is intact, there are no dents on the case.

Dropped the phone? You should consider contacting iSupport

iSupport is an Apple authorized service center, which is the only Apple authorized service center in Georgia. Repairing in iSupport has several benefits:

  • New original parts – The same ones that are installed in the iPhone at the manufacturer’s factory. Apple supplies spare parts for its devices only to authorized service centers, you cannot buy them in ordinary stores.
  • Apple-trained engineers – To become an iSupport service technician, you need to have a thorough knowledge of Apple technology. iSupport engineers are trained by Apple trainers.
  • Professional tools – Apple’s every single product requires special equipment. That’s why Apple has strict requirements for every tool that is used during repairs.
  • Guarantee – iSupport takes full responsibility while working on your device. This means that the guarantee is provided for all types of work done.

Official service/support for iPhone

If you’re having trouble updating iOS, or just want an expert’s opinion, you don’t have to take your iPhone in for repair. Sometimes the problem is solved on the spot in a few minutes. For example, if you need to create an account, regain access to your Apple ID, or reset your iPhone. And also if you have questions about the operation of the modem or NFC, just contact iSupport and a certified professional will aid you.

If the situation is more serious, then iPhone engineers will diagnose and then take your smartphone away for repair. Diagnostics are carried out using special equipment and show the condition of the internal components of the iPhone. This is the most accurate way to find out how serious the damage is and whether it is worth repairing the iPhone as a whole. For example, after water spills on a smartphone, it is impossible to exclude electrochemical corrosion with 100% probability. Diagnostics will show it.

Here are the services provided by the iSupport service center:

  • Consultation;
  • Protective glass installation;
  • iPhone cleaning;
  • Replacing the back of an iPhone;
  • iPhone screen replacement (whole module);
  • iPhone battery replacement;
  • iPhone main camera replacement;
  • iPhone speaker replacement;
  • iPhone vibration motor replacement;
  • iPhone sim tray replacement;
  • Button repair.


When you face the fact that you need to repair your phone, there are several factors to consider: good specialists, high-quality spare parts, and professional tools. All this is guaranteed by iSupport, which works according to Apple regulations. We do not impose unnecessary services on clients and work transparently. We give a guarantee for all work, and we indicate the prices on the official website.

Service centers are located at the following address:

12 Sulkhan Tsintsadze St, Tbilisi

See you in iSupport!

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