Any device breaks down. Even Apple. We have collected the most common reasons for contacting the service center. Spoiler: many of them are the result of the careless actions of the users themselves. 

iMac and Mac mini are not the most common devices to be damaged. And this is quite logical since it is rather problematic to fill such devices with water, drop them from a height of growth or sit on them.

As for factory defects, both are quite reliable, especially the latest generations. As a rule, they fail due to natural aging and much less often due to software settings failure. 

You should definitely contact us if… 

… the MacBook has a damaged display. Most likely, the laptop was dropped or hit by an object. If stripes or image distortions appear the video card is most likely to blame. Another way to damage the laptop screen is to get a small object between the display and the keyboard while closing the lid. Most likely, the display module assembly will need to be replaced. 

…liquid has been spilled on the MacBook. The main enemy of any electronics is water. Carbonated drinks, tea, and coffee are especially insidious. The liquid penetrates the keyboard and other components, damaging them. We strongly do not recommend using the mythical method of “drying” your device with rice. It’s a waste of time. Contact the iSupport service center as soon as possible to at least have a chance of repair. Our engineers will check all the elements for corrosion and will do everything to bring your Mac back to life. 

MacBook won’t boot up or turn on. The trouble could happen due to damage to the hard drive that prevents the system from booting. Perhaps the contacts have come off, the cables have fried, or the power button has simply failed. Comprehensive MacBook diagnostics will help you understand what is the cause. 

MacBook won’t charge. There are two starting points here: either the problem is hidden inside the laptop, or in the charger. If the problem is in the power supply or cord, then the problem is solved by purchasing a new accessory. But even if one of the components on the motherboard has failed or the MacBook battery needs to be replaced, don’t be upset – we will solve everything. 

By the way, according to Apple’s regulations, if the MacBook Pro battery is defective, then it is replaced along with the case and keyboard. Such a replacement may seem expensive. However, the iSupport Authorized Service Center has a special program under which the customer receives a new top case and only original spare parts at the price of a battery replacement.

MacBook is slow. In this case, you can try to solve the problem yourself. Start by clearing your device of junk. Use CleanMyMac X for this or any similar application to clean, optimize, and protect your device. We also recommend that you update your macOS operating system to the latest by going to System Preferences. If these steps do not help, or if you do not understand at all what such settings mean, it is better to entrust the maintenance of your Mac to iSupport specialists. 

the MacBook is overheating. Most likely, the culprit of overheating and noisy operation of the Mac is the dust that has accumulated inside the laptop. Cleaning the MacBook will help restore the cooling system. Service engineers will open the device and remove traces of contamination, and replace the thermal paste. This procedure is similar to refreshing the soul. Just a few hours, after which the device will be clean and fresh, as if only from the store. And for it to maintain this state for many years, we recommend doing a full check-up of the device from time to time. 

Of course, these are not all the reasons for contacting the iSupport service center. Sometimes the sound suddenly disappears, the touchpad stops responding to touch, or the Touch fingerprint recognition button fails ID. When the first symptoms of the “disease” appear, we recommend not to postpone the visit to the specialists so that the problem does not worsen.

Why MacBook Repair Pro and MacBook Air should be entrusted to the iSupport service center? 

The fate of the Mac depends on the choice of a service center. Many traps are waiting for the client in the field of equipment repair: often the business is designed to deceive the owner and profit from the low quality of work. Turning to specialists with a dubious reputation, you risk not only wasting money in vain but even saying goodbye to your device. 

iSupport service center offers exceptionally high-quality service. And he follows 5 rules that he never breaks. 

  1. Qualification of specialists. Service engineers have been trained by Apple experts and repair equipment following all manufacturer’s regulations.  
  2. Complete MacBook Diagnostics. There is no need to rush in this matter. Before getting down to business, we identify the weak points of the device and the exact cause of the breakdown. It is free and does not oblige you to repair the device in our center. 
  3. Quality assurance. We know what we are doing, so we are not afraid to take responsibility and provide a 90-day guarantee. 
  4. Original spare parts. iSupport specialists use parts produced at the Apple factory. You do not risk getting a Chinese battery under the guise of an original one. 
  5. The shortest time possible. We value the time of our customers and do our best to ensure that the repair is prompt. The timing depends on the type of malfunction and the availability of the necessary parts. 

How much does the MacBook repair cost? 

The price is calculated individually. The low cost of repairs should alert the client since it would mean the use of low-quality spare parts and non-certified equipment. And that means refurbishment soon. In iSupport, this is not the case.

By the way, we also carry out laptop repairs under the worldwide Apple warranty. This means that if any manufacturing defect is found, we will replace the defective spare part with a new one.

To find out how much it costs to repair your MacBook, contact our consultants at the phone number 032 230 10 01 or through the feedback button at the bottom of the page.

Always be aware!

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