The world is changing. Previously, to prepare for the school year, you had to buy notebooks, pens, pencils, and a lot of stationery. Now all this can be replaced by one gadget.

MacBook Air

Motivates to learn and is suitable for any educational tasks.

  • Easily copes with intensive workload: the productive M1 or M2 chips are responsible for this. MacBook Air is suitable for both simple tasks and “heavy” ones – working with code, graphics, and video.
  • Protects eyesight. Mac has a Retina display with True Tone. Smart technology adjusts the screen temperature to the ambient light, so your eyes don’t get as tired while reading or surfing the web.
  • Easy to use. Apple itself develops both computers and software for them. Therefore, Macs work stably and smoothly. You do not have to reinstall the system, or download drivers and anti-virus software. And accidentally “breaking” macOS with crooked “software” is almost impossible.
  • Applications for study are already installed: a browser, a voice recorder, as well as free programs for working with text, spreadsheets, presentations, mail, and books. Just open your Mac and get started.
  • Holds a charge for a long time. You no longer have to sit close to a power outlet in the classroom, with MacBook Air running for up to 18 hours on a single charge.
  • FrameThe Mac is made from a single piece of aluminum, so it’s durable and strong. The computer is ready for intensive daily work and frequent trips in a backpack.
  • Easy to carry and work anywhere. The thickness of the new MacBook Air is up to 11.5 mm, and the weight is up to 1.5 kg. With their power, these are excellent indicators! It is convenient to keep a Mac on your lap, sitting in the hallway near the audience. And it doesn’t take up much room on the desk.


Smaller than a laptop, but bigger than a smartphone. The tablet is convenient to work anywhere: from bed to transport.

  • Large display that does not collect fingerprints. Screen size is a matter of taste, but for study, it is better to choose a diagonal of 10 inches or more. Brightness is also important: in the iPad, it is 500 cd / m². The tablet has an oleophobic coating, so it leaves little to no annoying fingerprints.
  • “Flies” in multitasking mode. Apple chipsA13 and A14 Bionic are fast and powerful. With them, the iPad quickly “pulls” the Microsoft package Office, Adobe Photoshop, graphics-intensive games, and other serious applications.
  • Works all day without recharging. Otherwise, what’s the point in a portable computer? Under intense load, the Apple tablet lasts a whole day without recharging, and under moderate load, it lasts two or more.
  • Suitable for online classes. A clear image is guaranteed by the ultra-wide angle frontal camera 12 MP. Additionally, the system processes the picture, and the stereo speakers are responsible for the sound.
  • Lots of apps for every taste. The tablet supports fast Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. The App Store has over a million iPad apps. You will be able to create projects and presentations. Work with 3D graphics and 4K video. And don’t forget to use the function Notability to record lectures. It transcribes audio into text, which is then easily searchable by keywords.

iPhone 14

Communication, relaxation, and entertainment in one smartphone.

  • Everything is visible even under the bright sun. With the iPhone 14, you won’t have to peer at the screen on the street. Super display retina XDR OLED is one of the best on the market. Standard brightness is up to 800 nits and peak brightness is up to 1200 nits. This is more than enough for any use case.
  • Works quickly and smoothly. The powerful 6-core A 15 Bionic chip tears most competitors to shreds. All applications load instantly, and switching between them takes a fraction of a second. The Neural Engine has 16 cores and can perform 15.8 trillion operations per second. The power reserve of the iPhone 14 is enough for several years to come!
  • It shoots great even in the dark. The iPhone 14 camera can do more than just snap a photo of a schedule or an outline. Here we have two lenses, a Photonic Engine algorithm for extra clarity, stabilization for shooting video on the move, and a cinematic mode. You will capture your carefree days!
  • It needs to be charged once every two days. For example, in the continuous video playback mode, the smartphone works up to 20 hours. What you need to stay connected.
  • Not afraid of moisture and dust. A student’s smartphone goes through fire, water, and copper pipes. Therefore, it is very convenient that Apple “armed” him. An IP 68 rating means the iPhone can withstand shallow water immersion for up to 30 minutes. Splashes are not at all scary to him. The front panel is protected by a ceramic tempered glass Shield, which minimizes the risk of chips and scratches on impact.

Apple Watch SE

A minicomputer that is always at hand. You will wonder how you ever managed without this watch.

  • Allows you to focus on your studies. Every time you pick up your phone to check your notifications, you get distracted. Apple Watch will eliminate this habit, as it duplicates messages and calls right on your wrist.
  • Record lectures and your insights. Just turn on the built-in voice recorder.
  • Encourage you to move more. The watch determines how often you get up, how much you exercise, and how many calories you burn. You yourself will not notice how you will love an active lifestyle. And stop skipping physical education.
  • Can be used as a cheat sheet. Cheating is the last thing, but sometimes a student has no choice. Then take a photo of the abstract in advance or take a screenshot on the iPhone, and then discreetly open this photo on the Apple watch.
  • Train stress tolerance. Proper breathing during times of acute stress is your lifeline. Whenever you’re nervous before an exam, competition, public speaking, or other situations, turn on the Breathing feature. Just a minute and you will feel better.


Sound, ecosystem, and stable work with Apple devices.

  • Drown out background sounds. AirPods will help you concentrate in any noisy place: in the corridor of the university, transport, cafes. To do this, choose models with active noise cancellation.
  • They sit comfortably in the ears and do not fall out during sports. And they don’t get confused, because they don’t have wires.
  • Provide listening pleasure. No matter what kind of music you like, AirPods deliver clear, balanced sound. And with the help of the iPhone, the headphones can be customized.
  • Discharge slowly. One charge is enough for a transatlantic flight. You get to school faster, right?
  • Suitable for online classes as they have sensitive microphones.
  • Can amplify the teacher’s voice. This is useful if you are sitting at the back of the audience and have trouble hearing. Just place your iPhone near the lecturer, put on your AirPods, and turn on Live Listen.

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