Apple Watch Height
External Colour
Aluminium Midnight Silver Starlight
Apple S8
Apple Watch Height
40 mm 44 mm
External Colour
Starlight Midnight Silver

Apple Watch SE 2: Smart Style

The Apple Watch SE 2, the innovative successor to the budget-friendly first-generation model, maintains a classic design while incorporating enhancements in both hardware and software. Available in Tbilisi at iSpace, an authorized Apple Premium Reseller, this smartwatch offers practical features and health-tracking capabilities suitable for everyday life and fitness enthusiasts.

Key Features

The Apple Watch SE 2 provides reliable connectivity with iPhones and includes features such as calls, notifications, and a range of health-tracking options. Notable functions include:

  1. Health Monitoring: Detects lifestyle factors influencing atrial fibrillation, aiding in the prevention of serious health issues.

  2. Cycle Tracking: Precise tracking of the menstrual cycle, ovulation, and fertility.

  3. Fitness+: Offers various workout modes and schedules for diverse exercises.

  4. Family Setup: Enables monitoring and control of family members' actions remotely.

  5. Medications: Acts as a reminder for medication, vitamin, or supplement intake.

  6. Home Control: Allows remote management of home temperature, surveillance cameras, and lighting.

  7. Exclusive Features: Heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, handwashing quality check, weather forecast on wake-up, automatic alarm turn-off, and emergency situation detection.

  8. Technical Specifications

    Equipped with the advanced S8 chip, the Apple Watch SE 2 features a durable aluminum case, Retina display, water resistance, and various sensors. The technical specifications include:

    • Sizes: 40mm and 44mm.

    • Storage: 32GB internal storage and 1.5GB DRAM memory.

    • Battery: 296mAh, providing up to 18 hours of active use.

    • Connectivity: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC.

    Stylish Design and Watch Faces

    Available in three stylish colors—Silver, Midnight, and Starlight—the Apple Watch SE 2 boasts a sleek design. WatchOS 9 introduces updated watch faces like Astronomy, Playtime, Lunar, and Metropolitan.

    Why iSpace?

    iSpace in Tbilisi offers original Apple Watch SE 2 models, providing two display size options at reasonable prices. Key advantages include:

    • Apple Premium Reseller status for product quality and exclusivity.

    • Original devices at favorable prices.

    • Various payment methods accepted.

    • Convenient credit/installment options available.

    • Nationwide delivery throughout Georgia.

    • Knowledgeable consultants for assistance.

    • FAQ

      Popular Models and Pricing

      • 40mm GPS Silver Aluminum Case: 1559 GEL.

      • 44mm GPS Midnight Aluminum Case: 1659 GEL.

      • 40მმ GPS Gen.2 Starlight: 1659 GEL.

      • Where to Officially Buy Apple Watch SE 2?

        Order from iSpace online for delivery throughout Georgia or visit iSpace stores in Tbilisi.

        Warranty Information

        Standard 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.


        Apple Watch SE 2 combines style and functionality, making it an excellent choice for users in Georgia. Purchasing from iSpace ensures authenticity, quality, and excellent customer support.