Internal Memory Size
Blue Midnight Purple Red Starlight Yellow
Internal Memory Size
128 GB 256 GB 512 GB
iPhone 14, 128 GB, Midnight
Product code: MPUF3HX/A
2 299 Gel
iPhone 14, 128 GB, Yellow
Product code: MR3X3HX/A
2 299 Gel
iPhone 14, 512 GB, Purple
Product code: MPXA3RU/A
3 339 Gel
iPhone 14, 512 GB, (PRODUCT)RED
Product code: MPXG3HX/A
3 339 Gel
iPhone 14, 512 GB, Yellow
Product code: MR513HX/A
3 339 Gel
iPhone 14, 512 GB, Starlight
Product code: MPX33HX/A
3 339 Gel
iPhone 14, 512 GB, Midnight
Product code: MPWX3RU/A
3 339 Gel
iPhone 14, 512 GB, Blue
Product code: MPXN3HX/A
3 339 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, Midnight
Product code: MPVX3HX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, Starlight
Product code: MPW43HX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, (PRODUCT)RED
Product code: MPWH3HX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, Purple
Product code: MPWA3HX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, Blue
Product code: MPWP3HX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, Yellow
Product code: MR3Y3HX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 256 GB, Yellow
Product code: MR3Y3RX/A
2 599 Gel
iPhone 14, 128 GB, Starlight
Product code: MPUR3RX/A
2 299 Gel
iPhone 14, 128 GB, (PRODUCT)RED
Product code: MPVA3HX/A
2 299 Gel
iPhone 14, 128 GB, Yellow
Product code: MR3X3RX/A
2 299 Gel
iPhone 14, 128 GB, Blue
Product code: MPVN3HX/A
2 299 Gel
iPhone 14, 128 GB, Purple
Product code: MPV03HX/A
2 299 Gel

iSpace - Official Apple partner in Georgia with the status of Apple Premium Reseller, where you can buy iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14: original phone with perfect cameras

Apple unveiled the new flagship iPhone 14 in September 2022. The phone received a professional camera, a waterproof housing, 5G mobile communications, new colors and greater autonomy. Speaking of the latest – the battery lasts 2.5 times longer than the 13th version of the smartphone. As an official partner of Apple in Georgia, iSpace offers original new models with an official 12-month warranty.

iPhone 14 Specifications

The presence of 5G allows smartphone owners to view content in high quality, work with graphic elements, download music tracks and share files in seconds. There is an IP68 screen protection, so you don't have to worry if your iPhone 14 falls into the water or gets wet in heavy rain. Significantly increased the speed of data transfer over a wireless connection – developers from Cupertino offer a record 11 Gb / s in the iPhone 14.


The base model of the iPhone 14 kept its screen size at version 12, which is 6.1´´. Display specifications: OLED-matrix with Super Retina. All this is a guarantee of obtaining a high-quality picture with a maximum of details, high contrast and brightness. HDR, which is responsible for accurate and native color reproduction. Always On Display – the user is aware of what time it is now, what is his battery charge, while the screen is not active. Face ID – works even when the owner is wearing a mask. If you want to watch HDR video, then the standard brightness is 800 cd/m² rises to a maximum value of 1200 cd/m².


The square block at the back of the phone with diagonal lenses makes the iPhone 14 128gb stand out from other products. The block itself has become a little thicker and shifted, although visually many users will not notice anything. So you should take this into account when choosing accessories. Features of the iPhone 14 camera: Main 2 cameras of 12 megapixels. 4K UHD video recording at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Built-in digital and optical image stabilization. The front camera with Face ID is also 12 MP. Video recording in portrait mode. Lots of video and photo editing options. Of the interesting additions to the Apple iPhone 14 – this is a function of astrophotography, where the camera itself recognizes the Moon and constellations, adapts to shooting to get the highest quality photos.


The classic iPhone 14 look features these features: Die-cast aluminum frame. Case with right angles and side faces. The presence of protective glass on the rear, front panels. Reduced cutout for the front camera. You can buy iPhone 14 in Minsk in 6 shades – pink, black, red, orange, white and blue. Prices for iPhone 14 are almost the same as the previous version.


Recording content, playing games has become even more convenient, since the minimum amount of memory – 128 GB, also developers offer to buy iPhone 14 with built-in memory of 256 or 512 GB. The RAM size is 6 GB or 8 GB.

Operating System

In iOS 15 from the previous version, we decided to add new features: We modernized the Siri assistant in iPhone 14, which is faster than its predecessor. There was an offline mode and individual settings for the requirements of the user. New widgets have been added to the iPhone 14 with interesting features, there is a notification setting for different scenarios. Modes for iMessage and FaceTime. There is also a multitasking menu, you can select default programs, and if you need to work with 2 applications at the same time, then use the split screen mode in the new iPhone 14.


The Apple A15 chip makes the phone 2.5 times faster than the iPhone 12. It was created by TSMC based on 5-nanometer technology. Innovations did not affect the autonomy of the device, due to the new screen, the charge consumption in the iPhone 14 decreased.

IPhone 14 Pros

Let's announce the main advantages of the iPhone 14: Increased screen brightness – 28% brighter (maximum 1200 nits). A cinematic effect shooting function that allows you to keep the focus on a moving person. This iPhone 14 option is also built into the front camera. Ceramic Shield screen protection with IP68. The A15 chip is made using 5 nm technology and contains 15 billion transistors – the most powerful by Apple measurements. This provided a higher device performance – 5 times more than in 12 models. Screen refresh rate up to 120Hz depending on the content. 6 colors. New 5G modem.


Even minor updates to the iPhone 14 were received positively by the people of Georgia, and every 5th resident of Tbilisi inclined to change their two- or three-year-old device for a new device. Everyone understands that Apple products are of high quality, software updates take much longer than Android smartphone manufacturers. Moreover, the Apple device ecosystem has strengthened its position through AirTags and other apple products.


How much does iPhone 14 cost in Georgia?

If you want to buy an iPhone 14 at an attractive price, then try to contact official stores with Apple Premium Reseller status, such as our iSpace in Georgia. The current cost is indicated in the catalog, we have the latest novelties that you can see and test in offline stores, if not at this time, then place an order online with fast delivery to any city in the country. Do not forget to follow our promotions for iPhone 14, then the prices of the smartphone will be even lower.

Where to buy iPhone 14 officially?

The most convenient way to buy a new iPhone 14 is in iSpace offline stores in Tbilisi. We have the status of Apple Premium Reseller, we are the only official seller of apple products in Georgia. If you wish, you can change your old phone to an Apple iPhone 14 with a small surcharge. This service will not be offered to you in any store in the country.

What is the warranty on the iPhone 14?

iSpace is a unified Apple Premium Reseller network in Georgia, as well as the company's center of competence in our country. We only have original iPhone 14s, we have accessories for these smartphones, there is a trade-in program, but most importantly – This is an official warranty from the American manufacturer for a year. Within 12 months, for any questions, you can contact your Apple iPhone 14 at service centers.