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    Intelligent Eco heater Joule with remote control via smartphone (iOS, Android) - Black
    Joule is an Eco infrared heater built using graphene using a patented technology for uniform room heating. The level of savings will amaze you how effective the intelligent infrared Eco heater is.

    Configure the heater from anywhere in the world and get a report on its efficiency and consumption costs in your personal account in the application for iOS and Android - Perenio Smart.

    • Integration with the Smart Home system.
    • Control via the Perenio Smart application will reduce heating costs by up to 50%.
    Eco infrared heaters
    Eco-friendly infrared heaters are an innovative heating system by using which you will save money with the first activation of the heater!
     Traditional heater

     Energy-saving Joule
    Heating with Joule Eco heater is up to 2 times more efficient than heating with convector heaters, oil heaters or electric boilers.
    Patented technology using graphene
    The advantages of buying an ecological heater Joule are that a one-time purchase of infrared electric panels allows you to save daily throughout your life.

    This is the perfect combination of energy saving and fast heating.
     Traditional heater

     Energy-saving Joule
    Heating with Joule environmental heater is up to 2 times more efficient than heating with convector heaters, oil heaters or electric boilers.
    Advantages of Joule Eco heater
    Saving. Up to half the cost compared to other systems.
    Ecology. Infrared panels do not emit harmful substances and do not consume oxygen.
    Healthier air. A large number of anions in the air prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses.
    The use of photovoltaics. Heating panels are easily powered by electricity from solar panels. Then heating can become even cheaper.
    Does not cause allergies - does not dust and does not circulate air.
    Unique graphene layer for uniform heat distribution.
    Safe heating
    The piezoelectric sensor protects the device from overheating by turning off the power when the permissible temperature is exceeded.
    Temperature sensor for remote control of individual room settings
    Child protection switch in the mobile app.
    Durable tempered glass case.
    Overvoltage and surge protection.
    Gyroscope to prevent the device from tipping over
    Multifunctional invisible power button with RGB diode.
    Incredibly thin
    Intelligent temperature control system
    This will reduce expenses in your absence and warm up the room before returning home.
    Syncing with a smartphone in a minute:

    1. Download the Perenio Smart app (iOS/Android) to your smartphone.
    2. Connect the heater to WiFi.
    3. Add your electronic devices and control your home from anywhere.
    Remote control
    using the app or voice assistant.
    Turning the heater on and off.
    Setting the temperature and operating time.
    Keep an eye on energy consumption.
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    Ecological heating
    Does not burn oxygen
    Does not collect dust ( therefore the dust does not burn as well, which has a positive effect on person’s breathing)
    Does not dry out the air
    Balanced humid microclimate in your home.
    Maintained oxygen level in the air.
    Temperature control.
    Simple assembly
    on attached legs or on the wall. The kit includes all the necessary elements for placement or hanging.
    Minimalistic look
    Perfect addition to any interior.
    Elegant in every sense.
    Completeness of the product
    Intelligent Eco heater Joule.
    Legs for installation on the floor, a set of mounting screws with dowels.
    Quick operation manual, warranty card.


    Dimensions & Weight
    Depth (mm)
    70 mm
    Height (mm)
    422 mm
    Width (mm)
    1000 mm
    Nominal Weight
    7.85 kg
    External Color
    Heater Material
    Tempered Glass
    Smart Heater Type
    AC 220-240 V
    Power Consumption
    600 W - 700 W
    70 x 422 x 1000 mm
    Nominal Weight
    7.85 kg
    Cord Length (m)
    1.88 m
    Wall Installation (Horizontal, Vertical)
    Smart Home Connection
    Wi-Fi, 2.4 GHz
    Built-in Devices
    Voice Control
    Used Applications
    Perenio Smart
    Tilting Sensor
    Power Consumption Calculation
    Heating Scheduler
    Fall Detection
    Overheat Protection
    Electronic Thermostat
    Eco Packaging
    Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature
    40 °C
    Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature
    0 °C
    Protection Standarts
    Warranty Products Returnable
    Warranty Term (month)
    12 month(s)
    Warranty validation Criteria
    Serial Number
    Input Voltage
    AC 220-240 V






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