The rule “one MacBook — one pair of headphones” is outdated. Now you can connect not only yourself but also a friend to a video or audio stream. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be AirPods or Beats — any other headsets can be used. Here’s how to connect two pairs of headphones to one MacBook.

Guide: Connection Will Take Just 5 Minutes

Connecting 2 AirPods, Beats, or other headphones to a single MacBook takes only a few minutes, and you can enjoy high-quality sound anytime.

Step 1

First, you need to pair the headphones with the MacBook via Bluetooth. To do this, go to “System Preferences” on your computer, select Bluetooth, and turn it on.

If this is the first pairing, place the AirPods in the case but don’t close the lid. Press the button on the case (for AirPods Max, press the noise control button) and hold it until the indicator light flashes white.

In the “My Devices” list, the headset should appear. Click “Connect” next to the AirPods (or other headphones) in the device list. The pairing is now set up. Repeat this process for each pair of headphones.

Step 2

Find the “Audio MIDI Setup” application via Spotlight or in Launchpad.

Step 3

Create a multi-output device that will allow the broadcast to be shared in high quality on two pairs of headphones simultaneously.

In the lower left corner, there will be a “+” button. Click it — a drop-down menu will appear, with the option “Create Multi-Output Device.” Select it.

Check the boxes for the pairs of headphones you plan to use for listening. Again, these can be Bluetooth gadgets from any brand.

Now, if you click on the arrow next to “Multi-Output Device,” a list of connected gadgets will appear underneath. The first one will be the primary device, and for the second one, you may use the “Drift Correction” function. This ensures that the audio is played synchronously without delays.

By the way, you can rename this item. For example, call it “For Movies.” This will make it easier to find your setup option on your laptop.

Step 4

Go back to “System Preferences” and then to the “Sound” section. In the “Output” tab, specify through which channels you plan to listen to audio. In our case, it will be the “For Movies” option.

What to Do If Headphones Don’t Appear in Audio MIDI?

It might happen that you open “Audio MIDI Setup” and the needed headphones don’t appear in the list. In this case, simply reset the connection:

Select “Window” in the application, then “Show MIDI Studio.”

Click on “Rescan MIDI.”

If this doesn’t help, ensure that the headphones are correctly connected, turned on, and that your MacBook has updated software.

Something Went Wrong?

Visit iSpace to figure out the technical nuances of the process and understand how to connect 2 pairs of headphones to a MacBook. Our consultants will set up the devices and also tell you about the latest products available. It never hurts to stay updated on the latest Apple developments!

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