In May 2024, Apple unveiled the latest iPad Air featuring the advanced M2 chip, available in two sizes: 11 inches and a brand-new 13 inches. This device is now even more versatile, powerful, and AI-ready. What other improvements have been made, and is it worth purchasing the iPad Air M2 for these features? We’ll explore the key highlights and determine which tasks they are best suited for.

First Time with a 13-inch Model

For the first time, the iPad Air is available in a 13-inch version. Its dimensions are 214.9×280.6 mm and it weighs 617 grams. The larger screen offers more space for gaming, document work, and multimedia. Previously, those wanting a larger screen had to opt for the Pro version.

The 11-inch iPad Air 2024 is 30% more compact than the 13-inch model, measuring 178.5×247.6 mm and weighing 462 grams. It’s an excellent choice for those needing maximum portability without sacrificing functionality—perfect for travel.

Both tablets feature identical designs and internals, including a sleek 6.1 mm thick body made from recycled aluminum, available in four colors: Space Gray, Blue, Purple, and Starlight.

Bright and Comfortable Display

The Liquid Retina display excels in all areas:

  • Brightness: 600 nits, outshining many laptops and tablets from other brands that don’t reach 400 nits. Perfect for watching videos outdoors or by a sunny window.
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz ensures smooth frame transitions.
  • Resolution: 2360×1640 pixels on the 11-inch model and 2732×2048 on the 13-inch, guaranteeing a sharp image.
  • Wide Color Gamut (P3): Provides vibrant and rich colors.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Ensures visibility in all conditions, while True Tone technology adapts the screen temperature to the ambient light.

This vibrant, detailed, and smoothly transitioning display enhances comfort for work, consumption, and creation of visual content.

Powerful M2 Chip and Neural Engines for AI

With a faster 8-core CPU, 9-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine, the new iPad Air M2 boasts even greater performance and better AI capabilities.

The memory bandwidth is now 100 GB/s, increasing the device’s speed by 50% compared to the M1. The CPU is 15% more powerful, the GPU 25% faster, and the neural engines 40% quicker. As a result, the device handles office applications, media processing, and demanding games effortlessly. Creating 3D models in Trimble SketchUp, for example, is smooth and efficient.

Advanced Core ML technology integrates machine learning and AI into apps, enabling quick background removal in Visual Look Up, text extraction from photos with Live Text, and one-click photo enhancement in Photomator. The tablet now understands you even better.

iPadOS 17 and Storage Options

The advanced iPadOS 17 offers numerous tools for organizing your workflow: Stage Manager for multitasking, automatic PDF filling, interactive actions and widgets on the lock screen, and more. You’ll soon realize that Apple’s developers seem to have anticipated all your needs.

The base configuration starts with 128 GB of storage, with options available up to 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB.

Enhanced Cameras and Sound

The 12 MP front camera is now positioned on the long side of the display, making it convenient for video calls when the tablet is used horizontally. The Center Stage feature keeps you in the center of the frame during video calls.

The 12 MP main camera captures high-resolution photos and 4K videos at 240 frames per second in slow-mo, perfect for detailed observation of fast movements without blur.

Need to quickly sign documents? Scan forms with the rear camera, fill them out using the Apple Pencil, and send them via email—no printer or envelope needed.

Studio-quality microphones work in sync with the cameras for calls and recordings, suppressing background noise.

Stereo speakers with Spatial Audio provide high-definition spatial sound, making music and movies a delight to enjoy.

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi

The latest Wi-Fi 6E standard offers speeds 1.5 times faster than 5G. Downloading files, streaming and uploading videos, online gaming, and video calls are all now even more comfortable, better, and faster.

For those working on the go, the Wi-Fi + Cellular model supports 5G connectivity and uses eSIM, an alternative to physical SIM cards.

Expand Your iPad’s Capabilities

The iPad Air M2 supports the second-generation Apple Pencil and the new Pencil Pro for drawing, photo retouching, and note-taking, as well as the wireless Magic Keyboard case for typing. All these accessories are available at iSpace.

The Pro version of the stylus now allows for rotating and squeezing to change tools or bring up menus. It also features haptic feedback (vibrating on press) and can be tracked using the “Find My” app.

With the thin and light Magic Keyboard, the tablet transforms into a PC, making it convenient for emails, texts, spreadsheets, and multimedia work.

For wireless connectivity with external devices, the most stable Bluetooth 5.3 version is used. You can also connect external drives, docking stations, or monitors via the versatile USB-C port.

Who is the 2024 iPad Air For?

With its large (especially the 13-inch version) and vivid screen, advanced hardware, progressive iPadOS, AI tools, high-quality cameras, and sound, the iPad Air M2 is a powerful device for creative and office work, study, and entertainment.

The new iPad Air with the M2 chip excels in photo editing, graphic design, video production, gaming, and office applications. The Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard enhance its potential further. Fast internet, excellent battery life (10 hours of video watching and web surfing), and compactness make it an ideal portable work tool and leisure companion in the digital age.

This device is perfect for designers, architects, vloggers, journalists, photographers, students—essentially anyone who consumes or creates content and values mobility.

Where to Buy the 2024 iPad Air M2?

Eager to test the new iPad Air? Visit iSpace to be among the first to experience the amazing new features of the iPad Air 11″ or 13″ M2. Prices start from XX Tenge for the 11″ model. Our consultants will help you choose the right size and configuration, find great accessories, and offer alternative purchase options: Trade-in, installment plans, or credit.

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