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Sometimes you want to keep your favorite music. For example, to listen to it offline or if you don’t plan to renew your subscription to a streaming service. iPhone owners have two legal and safe ways to do this: using Apple Music or iTunes Store. In both cases, the songs will be available in the standard iOS app “Music”. Here’s how to download music on iPhone so you’re not dependent on circumstances.

Apple Music: adding tracks to your library and downloading

We are often asked how to download music on iPhone, but the main question is whether it can be done for free. Answer: yes, it can. The best option for this is Apple Music. Tracks are saved in the smartphone’s internal memory and remain available even when a network connection is not possible. No one charges for downloading.

There’s a catch: if your Apple Music subscription ends and you haven’t paid for it, access to downloaded files is blocked. The collection and playlists are not deleted, but you can enjoy them again after renewing the subscription.

You can add tracks to your library in different ways:

  • Select a song, album, or entire playlist and hold your finger on the item until a list of actions appears, among which there will be an option “Add to Library.”
  • Go to the album or playlist, find the “+” sign in a circle, touch it to add the entire album or playlist to your collection. Or tap on the three dots next to the song, then on “Add to Library.”
  • On the “Now Playing” screen, simply touch the button with three dots, and then send the track to your library.
  • Removing tracks, albums, or playlists from the library is just as easy. Long tap on the composition, and when the action list unfolds, select “Remove from Library.” That’s it, the cleanup is complete.

Remember that synchronization between Apple devices hasn’t been canceled, so everything you add on iPhone will be available on other devices where you’ve logged into iTunes Store and App Store with the same Apple ID. The main condition is a subscription to Apple Music or iTunes Match.

To start synchronization, just go to “Settings,” select “Music,” and drag the slider opposite “Media Library Sync.”

You can do the same on a MacBook (the “Merge Media Library” button in the Music app on your computer) to listen to compositions saved in its library.

After merging the libraries, tracks from MacBook will synchronize and be displayed in the library on iPhone.

Creating a playlist in Apple Music

Undoubtedly, it’s most convenient to download music not by tracks, but as a whole playlist. So let’s see how to add the necessary compositions to one list:

  • Tap on the album, song, ready-made playlist, or video until a list of actions appears.
  • Choose “Add to Playlist” and create a new one or select an existing one.

You can do this directly while the track is playing. Just tap on the circle with three dots, tap on “Add to Playlist,” and choose which one specifically.

How to Download Tracks in Apple Music

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to download tracks or playlists through the music app. Go to your library, select a composition, hold the icon, and then choose “Download.”

Check your downloads again through the “Library,” where there will be a section for “Downloads.”

Let’s talk about how you can automate the download process. You won’t have to create new playlists every time or add fresh albums to your phone’s memory because the system will do it automatically. Just set up your iPhone:

Want to know how to listen to downloaded tracks in your favorite Dolby Atmos immersive sound format? If there’s an icon with two half-spheres next to the album or file name, you can download such music in stereo format or in Dolby Atmos. To do this, go to settings, choose “Music,” and select “Downloads in Dolby Atmos.” Now you can enjoy fantastic sound that surrounds you from all sides and provides a fully immersive experience with additional channels. This format is supported by AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max headphones, as well as speakers and receivers with the corresponding labeling.

What if there’s not enough space on your smartphone?

Music lovers will confirm: sometimes there’s too much music, and there’s too little space on the iPhone, so you have to delete something. You can do this in three different ways:

How to Download Music from iTunes Store to Your iPhone

Apple Music is great for everyone. But if you want to download music forever and not depend on a subscription, iTunes Store is your best bet because you can buy tracks here.

Here’s how to download music to iPhone via iTunes:

  • Go to the iTunes Store and select the “Music” tab. There’s also a “Genres” button at the top of the screen, which simplifies searches. In the “Search” tab, you can find the track, album, or artist you need, and in the “More” > “Downloads” tab, you can view the status of downloaded files.
  • Tap on the content price. Some tracks or albums are available for free, and then there will be a “Download” button next to them. If you see a cloud with an arrow, it means you’ve already downloaded the content before, and you can download it again for free.
  • Sometimes authentication with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode may be required.
  • Choose “More” > “Downloads” to check the download status.

There are unofficial ways to download music to iPhone, for example, through SoundCloud or Google Play Music. However, Apple Music and iTunes are much more convenient, easier, and more reliable in this regard. In Apple Music, you can build a collection for decades, and it will be available 24/7. Even with expired payment, playlists will be safely waiting for their owner. With iTunes, you can buy tracks forever and not depend on a subscription, as well as ensure the download of your collection directly from your laptop or PC.

Now you know how to save your favorite tracks, albums, and even playlists to your smartphone’s memory. And if something doesn’t work out, come to iSpace. We’ll help you save your music collection and show you how to do it in different ways. While you’re at it, check out the latest Apple releases, which are on display and waiting to meet you.

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