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iPhone 13 Apple: Modern and powerful model

On September 14, 2021, Apple held a presentation. They have introduced the new iPhone 13 to the world, with incredible technical features. The phone got a professional dual camera with diagonal lenses. The battery life of the device has increased, it has a durable case with protection from moisture, many colours and elegant visuals. Through a special screen, the model is 2.5 times longer than the old version. It also has 5G support, the diagonal is 6.1´. If you want to get the first one and find out how much the iPhone 13 costs, place a pre-order. As an official partner of Apple in Georgia with the status of Apple Premium Reseller, we offer the highest quality service for Apple gadgets.

Technical specifications of iPhone 13

iPhone 13 compatibility with 5G lets you watch videos in the highest quality, quickly download music, share documents and files in just a few seconds. The body of the device is made in compliance with the IP 68 standard, so do not worry in case it falls into the water or gets wet in the rain. Also, the speed of the iPhone 13 on the wireless connection has been increased to 11 Gbps.

Display iPhone 13

American company offers to buy iPhone 13 with Super Retina XDR capacitive display, diagonal - 6.1 ''. It is not just a conventional screen but also created with advanced technology. Provided with an anti-glare coating, with support for the P3 palette. The brightness is 800 cd / m². If the user decides to watch HDR quality video, the smartphone automatically raises the brightness to 1200 cd / m². You can view movies and pictures in any light, the presence of an oleophobic coating prevents the formation of spots on the screen. You can see the new device in more detail and buy it at iSpace stores located in Tbilisi.

iPhone 13 Camera

The diagonal layout of the lenses and the presence of an optical square block is what is noticeable to buyers. It is different from the previous 12 versions. This is not visually astonishing. Accessories that are not included should be purchased separately for the iPhone 13. Camera Features iPhone 13: 2 lens with 12 megapixels. The front camera, like the main camera, is with 12-megapixel Face ID, 4K UHD video recording. Wide-angle camera with 7-element lens. Lots of opportunities for photos and videos. The function of astrophotography, by defining the celestial moon and constellations. The phone itself changes the optics for better photos, specifically to stabilize the digital frame.

Colour palette

When creating the iPhone 13, the company's designers retained the visuals of the 4th generation phone, which can also be seen in the 12th version. The profile is 0.2mm thicker due to the more powerful battery and optics, so this affects the weight and size of the iPhone 13 128GB. The company offers 6 colours - pink, white, blue, black, red, orange.


Capturing photos and other information, editing images, communicating has become easier through the news. The iPhone 13 has 6 GB and 8 GB of RAM, while the flash memory is standard 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

Operating system

The iPhone 13 already has iOS 15, which was developed compared to the previous version, got new features: Siri Assistant works faster, provides the offline mode of operation. Interestingly, iMessage and FaceTime modes, messaging settings. Versatile menu, splitting the screen of iPhone 13 into 2 parts for simultaneous use of 2 applications. You can buy iPhone 13 in Georgia with a pre-order function through our official store, we have free delivery in any city of the country.


Apple A15 Bionic chipset is used, which quickly processes information. It is made using 5-nanometer technology. The 6-core chip, which operates on 15 billion transistors, has also increased the device's autonomy and operating limit. iSpace offers the purchase of the iPhone 13, which handles 15.8 trillion operations per second.

Battery of the iPhone 13

The battery capacity of the new iPhone 13 is 3095 mAh, which is higher than the previous model. So far, this is the most powerful version of the phone in the history of the brand.

iPhone 13’s positive sides

A film effect feature that keeps the camera in focus even when the person is moving. It also works on the front camera of the iPhone 13. The screen is 28% clear. The screen has a ceramic shield coating with IP68 water resistance. The processor is based on 5nm technology and contains 15 billion transistors. This provided 5 times more speed than the new iPhone 13. At a frequency of 120 Hz. The price of the iPhone 13 is affected by the size of the memory - 128 GB or 512 GB.

Additional features

Even the slightest changes to the iPhone 13 are a pretty compelling argument for those who plan to replace their Apple devices. iOS continues to worship it as well Enjoy emails with software updates that last much longer than Android smartphones. The iPhone 13 ecosystem has only increased its position in recent years due to its integration with AirTags and its electronic products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does iPhone 13 cost in Georgia?

The price of the new iPhone 13 depends on the amount of memory built into the device - the more, the higher the cost. It is the most profitable to buy iPhone 13 price in Georgia. You can find out how much the phone costs in our catalogue. Free delivery in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori, Zugdidi, etc.

Where to buy iPhone 13 officially?

Our iSpace Store has a trusted Apple Premium Reseller status, so we recommend that you purchase the original iPhone 13 at the most favourable instalment terms, with an official Apple warranty, free shipping service, expert advice to help you choose the iPhone 13 according to your requirements. You can choose the colour, memory size and other features of the website. If you are not in the capital, then place your order on the website. In a few days, you will be able to get the model without leaving home.

What warranty does the iPhone 13 have?

iSpace is the only company in Georgia that has the status of Apple Premium Reseller. Our employees are trained by Apple representatives, have certifications and regularly improve their qualifications. We only sell original phones, we are the first to get new models. We offer the Apple iPhone 13 with an official 12-month warranty. If you have any questions, you can contact the service centre.

How to order iPhone 13 in instalments?

You can buy iPhone 13 in cash or in instalments. To do this, you can leave a request to purchase the phone on the website, indicate the model, features, colour, personal data. In the payment method, indicate the desired bank instalment and follow the instructions. After the operation, our sales manager will contact you for details.