Internal Memory Size
Black Blue Tan White
Internal Memory Size
128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB
iPhone 15 Pro, 128 GB, Natural Titanium
Product code: MTUX3HX/A
3 499 Gel
3 399 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 128 GB, Black Titanium
Product code: MTUV3HX/A
3 499 Gel
3 399 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 128 GB, Blue Titanium
Product code: MTV03HX/A
3 499 Gel
3 399 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 256 GB, Natural Titanium
Product code: MTV53HX/A
3 849 Gel
3 749 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 256 GB, Black Titanium
Product code: MTV13HX/A
3 849 Gel
3 749 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 256 GB, Blue Titanium
Product code: MTV63HX/A
3 849 Gel
3 749 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 128 GB, White Titanium
Product code: MTUW3HX/A
3 499 Gel
3 399 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 1 TB, Blue Titanium
Product code: MTVG3HX/A
4 999 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 512 GB, Black Titanium
Product code: MTV73HX/A
4 499 Gel
4 349 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 512 GB, Blue Titanium
Product code: MTVA3HX/A
4 499 Gel
4 349 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 256 GB, White Titanium
Product code: MTV43HX/A
3 849 Gel
3 749 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 1 TB, Black Titanium
Product code: MTVC3HX/A
4 999 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 1 TB, Natural Titanium
Product code: MTVF3HX/A
4 999 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 1 TB, White Titanium
Product code: MTVD3HX/A
4 999 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 512 GB, White Titanium
Product code: MTV83HX/A
4 499 Gel
4 349 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 512 GB, Natural Titanium
Product code: MTV93HX/A
4 499 Gel
4 349 Gel
iPhone 15 Pro, 128 GB, White Titanium
Product code: MTUW3RX/A
3 499 Gel
3 399 Gel

iPhone 15 Pro - Technical Specifications

On September 12, 2023, the highly anticipated launch of Apple's new smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro, took place, captivating the technology world. This model immediately became the center of attention and discussion. Let’s delve into the key features of this device, including the new A17 chip, enhanced cameras, and other innovations. If you’re looking to buy the iPhone 15 Pro in Kyiv with delivery anywhere in Georgia, check out the official iSpace store.

The new iPhone 15 Pro stands out with its powerful performance, robust titanium body, and sleek design, epitomizing the fusion of modern technology and style. A significant update is the introduction of the USB-C port. This professional version comes with noticeable improvements in technical parameters and updates, which we will explore below.


The iPhone 15 Pro is powered by the innovative A17 Pro chipset built on a 3nm process, taking performance to a whole new level. The new processor operates 10% faster, thanks to numerous micro-architectural and design enhancements. The Neural Engine’s performance has doubled, impacting overall speed, autocorrection, and personal voice features in iOS 17. Transitioning to the new 3nm technology has reduced the chipset's size by increasing transistor density. The A17 features a 6-core CPU and a 6-core GPU, which is one core more than its predecessor, the A16. The advanced 3nm technology from TSMC has led to a 10-15% increase in data processing performance, along with a 28-30% reduction in power consumption.


The iPhone 15 Pro has garnered attention for many reasons, one being its stunning display, specially developed by Samsung Display for the 15th line of Apple devices:

  1. Super Retina XDR Display: A 6.1-inch screen offering incredible realism and precise color reproduction.

  2. Brightness: With a peak brightness of 2500 nits, the display remains clear even under bright sunlight.

  3. ProMotion Technology: Ensures smooth video playback with dynamic refresh rates.

  4. Resolution: The screen resolution of 2556x1179 pixels at 460 PPI provides detailed and sharp images.

  5. Dynamic Adaptability: Automatically adjusts the refresh rate up to 120Hz for smooth performance and energy efficiency.

  6. Memory

    The iPhone 15 Pro comes with 8GB of LPDDR5X RAM, enabling data transfer speeds of up to 8.5Gbps. This powerful configuration makes the device respond 1.5 times faster to user actions. While the hardware could operate efficiently with 6GB of RAM, the additional 2GB ensures the stable performance of the new A17 Pro processor. The internal storage options are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, ample for storing a large volume of photos and videos.


    The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with a sophisticated triple-camera system:

    1. Main Camera: A 48MP sensor with optical image stabilization, capable of capturing dynamic moments with precision. The LiDAR sensor enhances the accuracy of 3D depth scanning for low-light photography.

    2. Periscope Lens: Provides 6x optical zoom and features optics from Zhejiang Lante Optics. The periscope design contributes to a more prominent and pronounced camera system on the back.

    3. Front Camera: A 12MP selfie camera with an f/1.9 aperture and Retina Flash, ensuring evenly lit selfies.

    4. Color Options

      The aesthetic appeal of the iPhone 15 Pro is further enhanced by its titanium body, available in a range of sophisticated shades. These color options highlight the premium material’s elegance, offering users a variety of choices:

      • Natural Titanium

      • Blue Titanium

      • White Titanium

      • Black Titanium

      Operating System

      The iPhone 15 Pro runs on iOS 17, which is regularly updated to introduce new features and enhance security. New functionalities include:

      • An updated operating system with an intuitive interface.

      • Customizable status bar elements.

      • More flexible icon placement, no longer constrained by a strict grid in iOS 17.


      The built-in Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4500mAh and a power rating of 3.7Wh is designed using Stacked Battery technology. This method stacks internal components to increase energy density and overall capacity. Improved power management optimization allows up to 24 hours of streaming video playback and up to 75 hours of audio playback. Charging options include:

      • MagSafe: Magnetic charging with a wireless technology and a 15W adapter.

      • Qi: Wireless charging with a 7.5W adapter, effective up to 4 cm away.

      • Standard Charging: Via the USB-C port.

      Benefits and Additional Features of the iPhone 15 Pro

      The new Apple iPhone 15 Pro offers a range of advantages and additional features that enhance its convenience and functionality:

      • NFC Module: Enables quick and easy contactless payments.

      • Voice Assistant ''Siri'': Activate to control your phone, launch apps, send messages, and more.

      • ''Action'' Button: Positioned on the side for additional device management capabilities.

      • 5G Support: Ensures fast data transmission and reliable connectivity with high-speed networks.

      • GPS: The built-in sensor allows for real-time location tracking and route mapping.

      • Wi-Fi 7.0: Supports the latest wireless connection standards.

      • Dual e-SIM Support: The device does not support physical SIM cards but offers dual e-SIM functionality.

      • FaceID: Features a secure and convenient facial recognition system for unlocking and authorization.

      • IP68 Protection Standard: Provides resistance against dust, water, and splashes, ensuring durability in various environments.

      • Frequently Asked Questions

        How much does the iPhone 15 Pro cost in Georgia?

        The price of the iPhone 15 Pro ranges from 3499 GEL to 4999 GEL. The cost depends on the chosen internal storage capacity and the available color options. For detailed information on the pricing of the iPhone 15 Pro, visit our official website.

        Where can I officially buy the iPhone 15 Pro?

        If you want to own the iPhone 15 Pro, the iSpace store is at your service. You can place a pre-order and pick up your purchase at one of our stores or have it delivered to your location. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of the new model, our consultants are ready to assist you.

        What is the warranty on the iPhone 15 Pro?

        As iSpace is an official Premium Reseller of the brand, we provide a 12-month warranty on all sold devices. Before shipping your order or handing it over in-store, we fill out an official warranty card that is valid at all authorized Apple service centers worldwide.

        How can I order the iPhone 15 Pro in installments?

        Interested in purchasing the Apple iPhone 15 Pro at an advantageous price with an installment plan? You can spread the cost into several convenient payments under the installment terms. Select your desired model, click on ''Credit/Installment,'' and complete the order process in the cart. Once your application is approved, our specialist will contact you with further instructions. You can pay for your purchase with cash or a bank card, both on the website and in our physical stores in :

        • City Mall - Tbilisi, Petre Kavtaradze St. 1

        • Tsintsadze - Tbilisi, Sulkhan Tsintsadze 12.

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        • Tbilisi Mall - Tbilisi, 16th km, Agmashenebeli avenue

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