About us

iSpace - Official Apple Partner in Georgia as an Apple Authorized Reseller.

The Apple Authorized Reseller status is granted only to professionals in the field.

In our stores, you can not only buy iPhone, Mac computers, or iPad tablets but also other Apple technology and accessories. iSpace is a place infused with the Apple atmosphere, where we help you choose technology, teach you how to use it, provide advice on operating your gadgets, and offer high-quality accessories.

In iSpace, you can work with any Mac, iPhone, or iPad, watch demonstrations of recently released Apple products, or participate in training sessions, workshops, and events dedicated to the latest technologies. We know everything about Apple products, and we are ready to share our knowledge.

Our salespeople are genuine experts in their field. Apple's high-quality, user-friendly technology brings joy to its users and requires minimal technical support.

In our store, you will always find everything you need.

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