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Apple Watch 8 is a smart watch from an American company that replaced Apple Watch 7. This series has brought with it a large number of different updates, as well as a variety of straps that many will certainly like. This model is ideal for those who want to upgrade their smartwatch and be satisfied with their choice. The new Apple Watch has all sorts of sensors that provide even more health and safety features. Last year, smartwatches proved to be a great choice for many buyers, so they will certainly find their buyer this year.

Apple Watch 8: design and display

The shape of the 2022 smartwatch is identical to the models introduced in 2021. Apple Watch 8 appears, still in two sizes, namely 41 and 45 mm. You can buy from the following colors:

  • starlight,

  • midnight,

  • silver,


  • In addition to the aluminum case, there is a more expensive version of the watch, which is available in silver, gold and graphite stainless steel cases. If we talk about straps for models, we can safely say that the manufacturer provides an incredible range of different straps, among which there are collaborations with brands such as Nike and Hermes.

    Car accident detection and health care with Apple Watch 8

    Estimating heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, recording an electrocardiogram (ECG) are all pretty old features of the Apple Watch, so this time the company tried to surprise its customers with a novelty. Apple Watch 8 includes two new motion sensors, namely a gyroscope and an accelerometer. The manufacturer claims that such sensors are able to detect car accidents and help their owner. Accordingly, they notice frontal collisions, rear collisions, side collisions and vehicle rollovers. This is made possible by complex algorithms that also use the iPhone and other sensors (barometer, GPS, microphone). In the worst case, the watch dials an emergency call and also sends the location to the emergency services.

    From now on, the new Apple Watch 8 now also captures skin temperature. There is one sensor on the back and one below the display. Such sensors will certainly be needed by women who are planning a pregnancy, and here is the main reason why. Body temperature data can help predict women's fertile days. According to Apple, the sensor is so accurate that it detects differences in the 0.1 degree Celsius range. At night, the watch determines the temperature at intervals of five seconds.

    Apple Watch 8 battery life

    Unlike the Apple Watch Ultra, the battery size of the new series also does not increase. Even though Apple is using the A15 base for the Series 8, the battery capacity of the new watch is improving significantly every year. This improvement can also be seen in iPhone models, for example. Each user will certainly notice these improvements in everyday life. This mode includes energy-saving settings that disable, for example, the always-on display.

    Faster chip and 5G technology in Apple Watch 8

    When Apple unveils its next smartwatch, the chip is rarely the focus, after all, the watch doesn't need to edit photos, render 3D models, or handle complex animations. But the watch's processor is also important: after all, the Apple Watch can alert you if the environment is too loud, and washing your hands as a reminder also requires an intelligent, self-learning mechanism that runs in the background. Therefore, the gadget will acquire a fast chip to allow the software to evaluate more and more data in real time. Last year was more of a disappointment in that regard. The resourceful developers have discovered on their S7 SiP website that the system is based on the same chip as the Series 6. Therefore, we should expect the next Apple Watch to use one of the newer generations: either the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 13, the successor to the iPhone 14.

    Apple is gradually having to adapt its watch portfolio to the next generation of mobile communications. After all, 5G is specifically designed for the Internet of Things, which includes the Apple Watch, not the smartphone. In Germany, it will probably be another year before the first providers launch 5G for watches, but at least users elsewhere in the world will benefit from a faster connection.