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While other manufacturers are holding silent competitions for the largest smartphone, Apple listened to its fans and released the new iPhone 14 Plus, which is not only versatile in operation, but also as convenient as possible for its owner . You can profitably purchase such a device in Georgia in our online store.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus device brief and overview

The twelfth iPhone Plus is the smallest member of Apple's 14th line of gadgets. Device weight — only 135 g. And its length (height) — 131.5 mm. Due to such characteristics, the presented Apple iPhone 14 Plus fits comfortably in the hand and does not cause fatigue even during long video shooting.

Despite its ''cute'' outer shell, the device has a fairly powerful package. The manufacturer made sure that the owners of the Plus version of the iPhone did not know what freezes and malfunctions are. If you believe the reviews, then the functioning of the smartphone is in no way inferior to the full version of the iPhone 14.

Specifications iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone Plus received a ''full kit'' from the manufacturer characteristics necessary for fast operation, support for multitasking, creating high-quality photos, etc. Only rare representatives of Android devices can compete with the new iPhone in terms of performance.


To make it convenient for iPhone 14 Plus owners to use it at work, the manufacturer endowed the mobile phone with a high-quality 6.7” display. The screen size is quite enough for comfortable viewing of messages, videos, photo editing. But for fans of spectacular games, its dimensions will not be enough. Therefore, if you often play Wot, PUBG or other games of a similar format, then you should order a larger smartphone (ideal — iPhone 14 Pro Max).


There are several cameras in iPhone Plus: two main and one front. All have a resolution of 12 megapixels, good image stabilization, support for creating photos and videos in the dark.


With the color scheme of smaller versions of iPhones, the manufacturer has made its fans happy. Today you can buy the iPhone 14 Plus not only in standard black or white, but also in rich blue, green and even red shades. Recently, a smartphone in an unusual purple color was presented for sale in the iSpace. Such a wide color variety has made the iPhone 14 extremely popular among girls.


The device is presented in several versions that differ in memory size. Volume — 128 GB. This is enough for the average user. For those who endlessly record videos, create selfies and are used to storing all the data on their phone, it is better to buy an iPhone 14 Plus with 256 GB. For those who have not decided which category it belongs to, a 128 GB device is suitable. It should be borne in mind that the price of the iPhone 14 Plus directly depends on the ''capacity'' of the device. devices.

Operating System

Like other members of Apple's 14th line, the iPhone 14 Plus runs on version 14 of Apple's operating system. iOS 16 is characterized by the appearance of widgets and maximum adaptation to the user.


The 6-core processor provides high performance of the device. For the Plus version of the 14th iPhone, the manufacturer used the unique Bionic A15 processor. Its main difference lies in the fast speed of operation with slow discharge.


The battery of the device is endowed with a capacity of 2227 mAh. In comparison with other representatives of the 14-series, this indicator is the most Plus. But it is quite enough to fully preserve the charge throughout the day (subject to an average load of the device).

Benefits iPhone 14 Plus

Despite the forecasts of experts (who were skeptical about the launch of sales of the Plus version), there are only more people who want to buy iPhone Plus in Georgia. Such a demand for smartphone can be explained by its following advantages:

Compact dimensions, due to which the device fits comfortably in the palm of your hand; Attractive features and unique body colors; Improved performance. Another big plus for the — affordable cost. Especially if iPhone 14 Plus buy in Alma Store.


In addition to the standard functionality, the device also supports additional options. The main ones include:

  • Fast charging (50% battery replenished in half an hour);

  • 4K video capture;

  • Support 5G and more

  • Another important feature of the — Photo. Smartphone lets you take professional-quality photos.

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